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Glass curtain wall leakage cause analysis and prevention measures
Release date:【2013.1.2】

As a result of the modern architecture design diversification and complication, promote the wide application of glass curtain wall. Since nineteen eighties, glass curtain wall in China Development and application is very wide, but the level of design, processing, installation quality and raw materials production level, with the international advanced nation posture is compared, still have certain difference.

Some areas of China, especially in coastal regions, belongs to the typhoon high-incidence area, annual rainfall, and with new material, new parts of the extensive use of glass curtain wall, waterproof and water control measures can not keep up, glass curtain wall seepage problems, has seriously affected the building use function and service life, reduced the building safety and durability. Although the state at the end of 1996 introduced " technical code for glass curtain wall engineering " ( JGJ102-96 ), but there are some design drawings on the norms for the curtain wall in waterproof design, curtain wall against seepage problem has not caused enough attention of construction unit.

Causes of seepage of glass curtain wall is very complex, involving the design, materials, construction and management of various aspects should be enhanced as soon as possible, research, formulate effective measures, comprehensive control, nip in the bud.

A cause analysis of seepage, curtain wall

1 Design

( 1) the main stress components aluminum columns do not follow the standard set of 20mm joints, aluminum heat expansion and cold contraction, the main structure of compression deformation of the stress can cause the glass crack, produce leakage.

( 2) design used when no expansion of larger sealant, also does not have the necessary calculation. Such as silicone sealant weather the displacement capacity of± 25%, for ordinary sealants 2 times, must according to the data calculated for glue injection position size, or sealant adaptation deformation ability is poor, affected by temperature changes will crack or have lost, waterproof function.

( 3) open the window sealing treatment failure or insufficient sealing layers ( General requirements two to three sealing ), lead the rainwater flowing along the wall, directly into the open window, appear pour flashing.

(4 ) and building joint shell nosing treatment, no and construction units to study and cooperate, but their construction, the canal side, led to the emergence of the seepage channel. Especially in the top of the curtain wall and curtain wall parapet between top not firmly connected, untight sealing, such as screw holes, top joint do not make gum or glue is not tight, omission, will form the seepage channel.

2 aluminum alloy profile

( 1) aluminum profile surface treatment does not meet the national standard, surface coating adhesion is not strong, too too thick or thin film ( specification of anodic oxidation film thickness shall be not less than AA15 ), lead sealant adhesive failure.

( 2) the main stress components aluminum columns and beams of insufficient strength, stiffness is insufficient, the section stress part of the wall thickness is less than 3mm, the standard values of wind load under the action of more than L/180 or absolute, relative deflection deflection is greater than 20mm, curtain wall serious deformation, replacement and rainwater leakage.

( 3) without the use of high precision grade aluminum (of which the vertical column of the curtain wall should be used in high precision grade ), aluminum unqualified, the bending, twisting degree, the wave of severely exceed the standard, causing the walls of the plane, the verticality can not meet requirements.

A 3 sealant

( 1) for saving cost, using ordinary sealants without using silicone sealant weather outdoor caulking, in curtain wall on the solar UV irradiation, the glue seam premature aging, resulting in cracking.

( 2) no attention to project the structural silicone sealant, silicone sealant weather, wall glue effective use period expired, the glue seam, blistering, cracking or solidification, led curtain wall infiltration.

( 3) no accordance with the norms of structural silicone sealant contact material compatibility test, the results of structural silicone sealant with aluminum, glass, plastic and other material incompatibility, influence the occurrence of adhesive chemical changes, at the same time affect the sealing effect.

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